The following terms of service apply to all clients, no matter the service, of “Spartan Technologies”. These termos of service may change over time at any time. We strongly advise all clients to read this before purchasing any services or goods and then to continually check for updates to the tos. Failure to follow the terms of service may result in cancellation of services, products, or in some cases legal action.

Pricing & Payment

The pricing of our website hosting and game servers are set, in other cases the pricing of services is negotiable and will be decided in conference with your developer/representative. Prices may and will not change without consultation between the client and the developer. All payments are made via PayPal for secure and reliable payments. Goods & services will not be released by "Spartan Technologies" and received by client until payment is received and confirmed.

Website Design

With "Spartan Technologies" your website will be designed to your specifications and needs and you will have contact with your web developer at all times. Websites also have the capability to designed to the developer's tastes if required.


We guarantee privacy of all clients contact details and identity. Within our order forms we require a valid email address, fullname and address for staying in contact at all times but refer to our privacy policy for more information.


“Spartan Technologies” is not responsible for any changes the client makes to their website, server, or website hosting. We strongly advise our clients to make continual and periodical backups of their website or server before editing anything within the structure or coding. “Spartan Technologies” keep copies of websites available for a limited amount of time, but website hosting is not covered. Game servers have the ability to be reset to their default settings, but that is the only "back up" functionality offered by Spartan Technologies.


The content on any website will not be the responsibility of “Spartan technologies” but the responsibility of the client/s. All images used on your website must either purchased, self designed, royalty free or client produced. All content on the website is to be supplied by the client unless otherwise stated in a written agreement between "Spartan Technologies' and the client.

Content Management

Client’s websites jabe the option of either being managed with a CMS (Content Management System) or simply via HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Joomla is the advised CMS because it is an open source project that can be used by all users free of charge, it has the unique functions of controlling the look and feel of your website content making it easier for the everyday users to create, delete or edit their content. The content of any clients game server is their responsibility and any illegal content may and will result in service suspension.

SEO & Advertisement

“Spartan Technologies” is not responsible for the use of pay per click advertising used within you project and any issues that occur as a result. Our websites are designed so that they can be easily accessed by the spiders of all popular search engines such as “Google” and “bing” etcetera. Pay per click advertising can either be purchased on Google or other search-forums online but by no means do we advise the use of online advertisng.

Copyright & Credits

All copyright to any designed work will remain with "Spartan Technologies" until payment has been received. With the bottom of your page, commonly known as the “footer”, “Designed by: Spartan Technologies” will remain unless the appropriate removal fee is paid. By hiring us and agreeing to these terms of service you are agreeing to this and fully understand that this link may NOT, under any circumstances be removed. If you would like this link to be removed you may pay a fee of $50. “Spartan Technologies” continually check for any breach of our terms of service within all customers.

Failure of claimant or payment

“Spartan Technologies” retains the right to resell any custom websites or graphics that have either not been claimed within thirty days of completion or if failure of payment has taken place.

Showcase & Examples

"Spartan Technologies” reserve the right to display all work done by our developers on our online portfolio. Please contact your website developer to request a removal of your project from the online portfolio, however no guarentees can be made.

Claimant of files

When payment has been received & confirmed your website files will be made available for downloadable from our servers or another online medium. Website will and may not be released until full payment has been received and confirmed. All payments are made via PayPal for secure payments and for client peace of mind.

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