Spartan Technologies provides affordable game server hosting without reducing the quality of our game servers. A lot of hosting providers cram as many servers a possible onto one server box but we spread our clients out appropriately to ensure that our clients get the best possible game server hosting possible.

• High quality gaming servers with the best support team to keep your servers in the best possible condition! •Here at Spartan Technologies we strive to get the most out of our custom built gaming servers with constant maintenance to ensure our game servers always run a their best.

• Our goal is to provide everyone in the gaming community with low latancy and lag free servers all availabe at affordable prices!!!

• Comes with TcAdmin Gaming Hosting Control Panel to monitor, control and moderate your gaming server. Upload files through tcadmin and restart your server in a flash all through TcAdmin's intuitive features that aim to make controlling your server that much easier.

  • Game Servers

    From only $1.20 p/slot p/month

    • Control Via TCAdmin
    • Includes FTP and Rcon
    • Huge catalogue of games
    • Greatest value for money!

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  • Customer Support

    From the most experienced team

    • No additional costs
    • Fast and helpful responses
    • Available now!

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  • Community

    Expanding - All the time

    • Recieve important announcements in-game
    • Read about new developments within Spartan
    • Play with like-minded gamers

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